Alloa and Grangemouth Constituency

Parliamentary Candidate –

Richard Fairley

Email:  [email protected]


I was born in 1993.  My father a farmer and my mother a civil servant.  I went to Larbert Village primary school and Larbert High School then on to Oatridge Agricultural College.  I met my wife Cheryl in 2015 and we wed in May 2023.

Since I was old enough to be useful I have farmed in Larbert, Denny and other parts of the Falkirk area.  When I left college I worked full time on the family farm, becoming a partner in the farm business with my Dad.  Since Dad sadly passed away in 2018 I have run the farm business on my own account, expanding it with the addition of more livestock and rented and contract-farmed ground.

We are a mixed animal/arable operation but have diversified into other enterprises such as selling pre-fabricated buildings and internal stabling.  Our contract winter maintenance business lasted until high fuel costs made it uneconomic.

I may only be 30 but having been brought up on the farm and having been lucky enough to have had a father who gave me responsibility for running the farm has given me an excellent grasp of the business and personal struggles of the real world. This is something our current batch of MP’s seem to be severely lacking!

Why I’m standing for Reform UK Scotland.

I first became political in the run up to the independence referendum in 2014. I hated how the Yes campaign split our country in two.

I was pro Brexit in the 2016 EU referendum as I believed, and still do, that Britain is at its best when fully self-governing.

After the Conservatives’ mismanagement of both Brexit and the Covid scare, abandoning their core values, and the SNP dividing and running Scotland into the ground, I now believe it’s time for ordinary people like you and me to take our country back from the career politicians and the “Indy Ref or bust” crew.  Please join me and help to Take Our Country Back.



Alloa and Grangemouth Constituency Map

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Alloa and Grangemouth Constituency Information

Electorate: 70,834


  • Clackmannanshire West
  • Clackmannanshire North
  • Clackmannanshire Central
  • Clackmannanshire South


  • Clackmannanshire East
  • Grangemouth
  • Carse, Kinnaird and Tryst
  • Bonnybridge and Larbert