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Animal Farm or Scotland, who can tell?

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Scotland today, is almost a parody of Animal Farm published by George Orwell in 1945. Based on the socialist, communist and nationalist ideology at the time, it feels that it has almost come full circle within the last 22 years in Scotland.

Poorly run, no feeling of representation, populace ripe for rebellion from the irresponsible, supposedly vampiric Westminster Government, Devolution was offered in 1999 as a revolutionary solution and
following a successful vote, the Scottish politicians took over having promised the earth and the heavens and everything in between.

Once in power the Scottish Government produced its own set of commandments: –

  • Whatever is Scottish is good.
  • Whatever is European is good.
  • No person shall question anything that is done by the Scottish parliament
  • No person shall be homeless
  • No person shall be uneducated
  • No person shall be discriminated against
  • All people are equal

All the populace rejoiced as there was now truly people in charge who were going make Scotland a better place, by placing the Scottish people first and ensuring that Scotland became a leading light for others to follow.

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 9 March 2021. Pictured: Kenneth Morton. Candidate photos and photoshoot for Reform UK Scotland Party for the up and coming Holyrood Scottish Parliamentary Elections in May 2021. Michelle Ballantyne MSP is Leader of the Party. Credit: Colin Fisher

However, it was not to be, for with the politicians with their snouts in the trough, very quickly, the idea of a better, more prosperous Scotland waned, leaving behind the many for the sake of a few, as they sought to feather their owns nests and beds, and soon infighting, dithering, malinvestment, gas lighting and wokeism took over, priorities were substituted with aims, aims become hopes, reform became ambivalence, things did not only not change for the better for the Scottish people, but got worse with promises of improved health, homelessness, drugs, deaths and education all being left behind in the dust.

Similarly and as seen in Animal farm, the commandments though well intentioned became altered and twisted within the Nationalist Scottish Government as time went on to become: –

  1. Everything that is Scottish is good unless it supports the Union
  2. Everything that is British is bad unless it is money coming from the Union
  3. Anyone who seeks to hold the Scottish Government to account is a traitor
  4. No person shall be homeless unless they are Scottish
  5. No person will be uneducated as we have dropped the standards to include everybody
  6. No person shall be discriminated against unless you are male or female.
  7. All people are equal but Nicola Surgeon, Peter Murrell, Margaret Ferrier, Lesley Riddoch, James
    Wolffe, etc. are more equal than others.

Just like the end of Animal Farm, the 2021 Scottish election, sees all the mainstream politicians and parties exploding into action, flattering and praising each other for what they have done, whilst ignoring all those promises previously made and not lived up to, boasting and lying to get one over on one another rather than admit to faults and failures individually and failing to have made a difference to the populace.

Standing on the outside, the electorate and the rest of the people of Scotland are left gazing at the politicians through windows which separate them, observing the frolicking and feasting, party political broadcasts and hustings and looking about their own lives, stricken by lockdowns, job losses, unschooled children, dying relatives and can no longer see themselves as part of the same story, setting the scene for the second revolution, and further reform as again it is noticed “All are equal, but some
are more equal than others”.

Kenneth Morton

Reform UK Scotland