Arthur Leslie Durance Reform Scotland Candidate

Arthur Leslie Durance

Highland Region

Reform Party! New yes, a new broom to sweep clean the outdated Policies of past and present administrations .32 Local authorities £15 billion of Debt. Highland council debt £1.4 billion and increasing Scotland with a financial deficit of over 7.4% the worst in Europe. The bell has tolled for the last time ( Vote Reform! change for Good).

Name is Arthur Leslie Durance (Known as Les Durance), I was born in Bishopton a village 12 miles west of Glasgow I moved to Sevenoaks in Kent when I was 11 years old. I served as a Police officer in London for nearly 30 years. During my time in the Police I served as a Community officer I also served in the Criminal Investigation department I was also attached to a Murder investigation team.

Also, for many years whilst attached to community police I was Involved with the Organisation of the Met Police 5 aside football competition which was sponsored by the Midland Bank and the Finalist ended up playing at the Wembley arena. the competition involved various age groups of both boys and girls aged from 7 years old to 16 years old this was a great competition for young people to team build and aspire and show their skills also for the police to engage with the young people in a different role as seen in Law enforcement.

In my humble opinion the quality of service the various Police authorities across the UK now offer is unsatisfactory, a Fire brigade response type Policing does not work, the closure of small village police stations and the removal of the Local bobby has been a sad loss to Police Community relations. This was reflected in 2013 with the abolition of the eight regional Police Authorities in Scotland to be replaced with one National Service (Police Scotland).

On returning to Scotland I set up a local district chamber of Commerce and was privileged to be the chairman for several years, I also became interested in local community Radio, which fired my keen interest in Politics prior to the 1997 General Election I was privileged to interview Fergus Ewing MSP David Stuart MSP and Former MSP Mary Scanlon. Also, in the same year whilst standing for the Referendum party I attended several hustings in the Ross Sky and Inverness constituency and shared a Platform with the Late Charles Kenndy, a First-class Orator and also a First-class Human being. (A true highland Gentleman).

In 2004 in partnership two other people one of which was a ex RAF Physical training Instructor we set up Cairngorm outdoors Ltd we worked with Young people in crisis in a residential basis mostly 2 members of staff to 1 young person the young people were aged between 13 years and 18 years and were usually resident in rural cottages with the emphasis on Education and the outdoors trying to build the young person’s self-esteem and assisting them to reach their full potential the clients were sent by the local authority for periods ranging from 1 month to several years.

In my leisure time I have travelled extensively in Eastern Europe over many years, but I was opposed to the direction of the European Union and its political agenda, but embraced the culture and history of the individual states.

Why should the Electorate of the Highlands trust me with their vote.

1. I am loyal hard working

2. I am straight talking

3. I have worked as employee and employer.

4. I have good people skills attained at the university of life in London.

5. I have a good working knowledge of fiscal and monetary policy.

6. I have a lot of Energy to fight for fairness equality

7. I believe in life, no human being is Superior to another, perhaps Senior but never Superior.

8. I am and will always be responsible for my Actions.

9. I believe Action speaks better than words.

10. Honest.