Bathgate and Linlithgow Constituency

Parliamentary Candidate –

Jamie McNamee

Email:  [email protected]


Who am I

All friends know me as Jamie McNamee but my Sunday name is James.

I was born and raised in Livingston and brought up knowing what was right and wrong. I left school immediately after completing my GCSEs and was immediately sent out to get a job to pay the rent. I went straight through to the big smoke in Edinburgh and started working in a kitchen peeling vegetables. I remained there until I left a not so great home life and moved out to the west coast to stay with family there. I started working again straight away on a YTS (Youth training scheme) as a butcher through the day and in the evening as a cleaner in the local Asda supermarket. I continued to work until I was old enough to join the Army at 16 years and 8 months where I remained for the following 13 years, I was predominantly a fitness/outdoor pursuits instructor teaching Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Sky diving and other such hair-raising pursuits. I completed my service at the rank of Sergeant which stood me in great stead for transitioning into civilian life. I gained valuable skills in speaking and delivering training and presentations to large groups of senior personnel. I also gained great experience with computing skills by constructing and delivering PowerPoint presentations and gaining valuable man management skills. My transition was relatively quick from military to civilian life where I moved back to Livingston to begin my current career as a saturation diver in the oil and gas sector. This role that has sent me all over the world and kept me working in extremely mentally and physically challenging conditions in the subsea construction environment and in a number of health and safety roles during quieter offshore periods, with many different nationalities and cultures.

Why am I standing for Reform Uk

I will be brutally honest and start by saying I have never held an interest in politics. Over the past 30 years we have had government after government lie to our faces every time they speak and I’d just had enough of listening to the lies while our great country that many generations of our families fought to build into the GREAT Britain that it once was has been reduced to financial, cultural and Industrial ruin.

However I am now a father of two amazing young girls and I fear for what the country will offer them in 10-15 years time when they are starting their young adult lives. I love my roots and I’m proud of where I come from and I am very much a traditionalist and love our British traditions and values. It pains me to think that I would have to advise my girls to emigrate to another country for a better life if the UK continues down its current path of financial and woke pandering destruction. As things stand, we as adults and parents are struggling now with high taxes, the cost of living crisis, families turning to food banks to feed their families, underfunded and crumbling public services, dwindling if not already destroyed Farming, Construction, Fishing and energy sectors to name but a few that Conservative, Labour and SNP governments have brought to their knees. Dare I even mention the corruption, theft and waste of billions of pounds that disappears from the public purse every year due to these millionaire politicians, while they tell us we must spend less time in the shower, turn the heating down, go and buy a new electric car all the while these people are driving around in motorcades and flying around in private jets .

There are so many reasons to vote for Reform UK and too many to list without losing everyone’s attention, what I am going to ask, even plead, that everyone who finds themselves on Reform’s website or with a flyer delivered by myself or other volunteers please take the time to read our policies as we want to completely change the landscape of UK politics to get to a stage where we have working class people holding the highest office position in government and actually working and writing policies that benefit the (backbone) working people of this country and please always keep in mind the masses will always outweigh the few. This fight will not be a quick fix it will take time but if I can convince enough people to become party members and pledge their vote to Reform UK then we have a starting point and come the following general election we hope to be in a position to remove said parties and start to rebuild our once great nation for our children’s and grandchildren’s sakes.

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