Glasgow West Constituency

Parliamentary Candidate –

Dionne Moore

Email:  [email protected]


Who Am I

My name is Dionne and I’m a 56 year old fitness instructor from Glasgow.  I’m Scottish born with Greek Cypriot heritage and have lived in Scotland all my life.  I’m a mum of 5 and want to influence future generations quality of life.

I’ve raised money for many charities and won a charity pageant in Wales at the age of 50.  I’ve also invented a bag for people with arthritis and hidden illness.

Why am I Standing for Reform UK

I think it’s important to help people financially in this tough climate after Covid and believe Reform has a number of sensible policies that ordinary people will greatly benefit from.  Increasing the tax threshold to £20,000 will help those struggling to make ends meet and benefit the poorest in society the most.  Policies like scrapping vat on energy bills because that saving of £100 a year will help families in winter months and lowering fuel duty because the cost of driving to work/schools has hit drivers hard.  It has also led to the increase in the cost of everything in shops as everything has to be delivered and so the tax affects everyone regardless of whether they drive or not.  Lowering fuel duty will help everybody. 

Reform believe that front loading the Child Benefits system to allow new mothers to stay at home and to enjoy those crucial first years with their new born makes great sense, allowing mums to get on with the important job of being a mum. 

Please take a look at our Contract with the People and then vote for the change that this country needs.  Vote Reform.


Glasgow West Constituency Map

New constituency boundary is highlighted in dark green

Glasgow West Constituency Information

Electorate: 72,836


  • Victoria Park
  • Garscadden/Scotstounhill
  • Drumchapel/Anniesland
  • Partick East/Kelvindale