Gordon and Buchan Constituency

Kris Callander

Parliamentary Candidate –

Kris Callander

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Who Am I?

I am an ex-engineering consultant who has lived and worked in the North East of Scotland for the majority of my life. Originally from Dundee, where I got my degree in Renewables, I worked in the Nuclear industry in North England for 2 years before returning to Scotland in 2013 to work in the Oil & Gas industry.

Why Am I Standing for Reform UK?

Like most Reform supporters, I entered into politics seeking change from the status quo, complacency and constant failures of the Governments sitting in both Westminster and Holyrood.

Given my background, my biggest concern is the farcical Net Zero policies – nobody voted for – which will only result in disastrous impacts to the thousands of people whose livelihoods are dependent upon the Oil & Gas industry in this region, along with the wholly unnecessary restrictions and increased expenses forced upon our farmers, which is harming their productivity.

Unobtainable targets set out by the current administration, results in wasteful spending on so-called “green” vanity projects which have no tangible benefit to the folk on the street, and, in the case of the completely pointless ULEZ schemes, an overall detriment to commuters and small businesses reliant on footfall.

This money should have been used to tackle the issues relating to our Health and Social Care systems, to improve wait times, staffing levels and patient access. Along with improving our the roads and dualling the main routes (A96 and A9) as has been promised since 2011.


Gordon and Buchan Constituency Map

New constituency boundary is highlighted in dark green

Gordon and Buchan Constituency Information

Electorate: 69,002


  • Central Buchan
  • Turriff and District
  • Mid Formartine
  • Ellon and District
  • West Garioch
  • Inverurie and District
  • East Garioch
  • Huntly, Strathbogie and Howe of Alford