Motherwell, Wishaw and Carluke Constituency

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Robert McLaughlan

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I am Robert McLaughlan, and I am a crisis outreach worker in North Lanarkshire. I help people with addictions and those who are homeless. I was previously in the Conservatives, thinking they would look after the economy so that people could prosper, but the last 14 years has seen economic stagnation. So, I joined Reform UK.

Reform will abolish a Net Zero energy policy which currently traps 860,000 Scottish households in fuel poverty. But don’t worry as you suffer, you will be ‘saving the planet’. We will raise the point at which people pay tax to £20,000, freeing seven million of the least well off from income tax, putting money in their pockets to stimulate the economy, and making it worthwhile for about two million people to come off benefits and into work. They will go from being dependent on the state to financial independency and the self-esteem that brings.

Abolishing Net Zero will save billions and we are the only party to expose the scandal of the banks charging us interest on the money that was printed to pay for us to stay at home during lockdown. Other countries haven’t done this, but Labour and the Tories seem unwilling to challenge the Bank of England. Stopping this would save us £35 billion to pay for tax cuts.

Immigration the equivalent of the City of Glasgow every year places huge pressure on our housing stock and raises rents. This must be brought back down to sensible levels.


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