North East Fife Constituency

Parliamentary Candidate –

Matthew Wren

Email:  [email protected]


Who am I?

My name is Matthew Wren, I am a committed Christian, 39 years old and originally from Sussex.

My career is in Data Architecture where I specialise in analytics with an additional interest in applications of artificial intelligence. This role encompasses providing consultancy expertise to private and public sector organisations including hospitals and other parts of the NHS.

Local issues are important to me and for many years I have invested in local communities in Gloucestershire, Northern Ireland and Sussex through church-based volunteer youth work.

Why I am standing as the Reform Parliamentary Candidate for North East Fife.

Alongside my paid and volunteer work, I study at Saint Andrews University where my chosen area is a Master’s degree in Theology and the Contemporary World. Fife is a beautiful part of the world full of wonderful people and studying at Saint Andrews has been a real blessing. If elected I would draw upon my experience and integrity to stand up for the issues of Scotland and NE Fife.

Standing up on Issues

Personal freedom is under attack. From how people raise their own children, the indoctrination that teachers are made to teach in schools, to opinions you are not allowed to hold by the government. I stand for personal liberty and limiting government interference.

Environmental policies have restricted the UK economy, increased the cost of living, and reduced jobs. Protecting the environment is of real concern, however government policies have negatively impacted the living standards of people in Scotland and the UK without reducing global environmental harm. Reform will implement policies that are realistic and promote UK standards of living, UK industry, UK energy and UK agriculture.

Unchecked migration is driving the housing crisis, homelessness, inner city crime and placing stress on our welfare state. Though many of our public services depend upon people from overseas bringing their skills to support the work they do, immigration needs to be managed and not allowed to get out of control. Reform UK is the only party with an effective plan to end this crisis.


North East Fife Constituency Map

New constituency boundary is highlighted in dark green

North East Fife Constituency Information

Electorate: 70,255


  • Howe of Fife and Tay Coast
  • Tay Bridgehead
  • St Andrews
  • East Neuk and Landward
  • Cupar
  • Leven, Kennoway and Largo