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Jim McIlroy

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Jim McIlroy

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Who Am I

My name is Jim McIlroy I was born and brought up in Paisley so I understand hardship, I also understand the feeling of desperation in many local areas after years of austerity. I understand the importance of community and as a local businessman who went from Ferguslie Park to Thornly Park, I also know something about aspiration.

I’m married, I have four grown-up children, I’m semi-retired and through business things have changed but I value that upbringing as it made me the person I am today.

I’m a known community campaigner who is well aware of the challenges we have in our areas, I’ve worked on regeneration projects and I’m passionate about building local economies and I will continue to push on regeneration throughout the constituency, to increase local employment.

I’ve recently been successful with the old Royal Alexandra Infirmary despite Renfrewshire Council insisting it couldn’t be done. It is now to become a £15 million pound development of 81 much-needed apartments in the south end of the town.

I have Local Government experience which can help as we seek to reduce the cost of living, improve our public services, fix our roads, deliver new housing, new jobs as these are the things (that really matter most to people) in our towns and villages. Our communities desperately need regeneration and Reform UK’s small business policies would encourage recognised businesses and new entrepreneurs alike to invest in our area.

I have knowledge of how the Conservatives have let us down. I’ve witnessed how the SNP divisive politics has damaged Scotland and how the Labour Party before them almost bankrupted Renfrewshire and I’m worried that Kier Starmer’s Labour will do the same.

I am standing for Reform UK as Government mismanagement means nothing works.

The social contract is broken, our economy has suffered, our NHS, and our education once the pride of Scotland and the envy of the World has been relegated. I’m saddened that people are either priced out of housing, or there’s not enough social housing, that they can’t afford to heat their homes and have to use food banks, even if they are working.

When I read Reform’s Contract With You I was impressed by the amount of common sense proposals it promotes and that sealed it for me. This was more of a movement than just another political party and that is something the whole Country needs at this time.

I believe that Reform UK wants to put the GREAT back into Britain and I want to be part of that, and more than this, – I believe that the majority of Scottish voters want the same too.

Reform offers a real alternative to misleading party politics and real policies for the future. It could be the day Britain said – We no longer want more of the same!

In closing; I hope this bio encourages you to vote for your Local Reform Candidate. I hope you’ll have a look at the website at, read the Contract and make up your own mind.

You’ll be warmly welcomed when you come and join us.

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