Prospective Parliamentary Candidates

Derek Winton Reform Scotland Candidate

Derek Winton

Lothian Region

Our response to Covid-19 has been led more by panic than clear-headed science. The UK and Scottish government responses have been a failed experiment on the British people and both governments must now do whatever it takes to avoid any future suspension of our fundamental human rights.

Derek Winton was born in Dundee, Scotland, the son of a Nurse and an RAF Aircraft Technician. Moving to Edinburgh in 1996 to study an MA in Philosophy and Mathematics he has, with the exception of a short period in England to study an MSc in Computational Intelligence and a year of overseas travel, lived in Edinburgh ever since.

Derek now lives in the Abbeyhill area of Edinburgh and works as a software developer and management consultant.

"I am incredibly lucky to live in one of the most beautiful cities, in one of the most beautiful regions, in the world. We have vast resources of talent, creativity and innovation and we will need to harness all of them to overcome the huge medical, economic and social challenges that face us."

Covid-19, the disease caused by Sars-CoV-2 is the most serious health crisis we have faced in our lifetime. Unfortunately our response has been led more by panic than clear-headed science. The analysis driving the imposition of previously unimaginable restrictions has failed to take into account the incredible damage to our society and our children’s futures and there is, sadly, a very real possibility that the measures taken have been ineffective or even made matters worse.

Derek's Message

I will be standing on the platform that the UK and Scottish government responses to the coronavirus pandemic have been a failed experiment on the British people and that both governments must do whatever it takes to avoid any future suspension of our fundamental human rights.

Reform UK Scotland are the only party with the courage and vision to stand against lockdowns and offer a positive, evidence-based alternative to the blinkered approaches of the governing parties that have shown callous disregard for the consequences to the most vulnerable in our society."

David Kirkwood Reform Scotland

David Kirkwood

South of Scotland Region

David A Kirkwood MSc MIET is an engineer, freelance IT consultant and grandad, living in Moffat in southern Scotland.

As a qualified scientist and a professional data architect, he is aghast at the way in which science has been misunderstood and distorted by politicians and wants to help rectify this.

David A Kirkwood MSc MIET

Born in 1960 in Baillieston, Glasgow to a tool-room fitter and a nurse. First lived in a single-end in New Stevenston (now North) Lanarkshire. In 1962 the family (including new brother) moved to a new East Kilbride Development Corporation house with an inside toilet. In 1965 the family moved again to a cottage in a small village near Strathaven where his second brother was born, and he lived in that area for the next half-century.

After over 50 years living in Lanarkshire, in 2016 he and his wife and younger daughter moved to Moffat and have renovated a house in the town.

Educated at Chapelton Primary, Strathaven Academy and Larkhall Academy. Studied metallurgy and engineering at Glasgow College of Technology and the University of Strathclyde, culminating in the award of an MSC in Engineering in 1987.

Vacation employments included working on military radar production with Ferranti and process working in heat treatment for ICI, which involved in a near-death industrial poisoning. He has now signed the Official Secrets Act three times.

He started working for money at age 9, cleaning machines and doing simple lathe operations in the new family business, a machine shop. He has been working ever since, in businesses of all sizes and kinds, many of them owner-managed.

His only full time job was as a senior engineer and research scientist in a major West of Scotland manufacturer from which he was made redundant after eight years.

Since 1994 he has been fully self-employed, firstly as the owner of a small factory manufacturing a range of high-precision electrolytic gas welders, which he designed himself.

In 1997 he started to sell his services to the IT and consulting industries and has now fulfilled technical and managerial contracts for over three dozen companies across Europe. These have ranged from designing data handling architecture for one of Europe’s premier industrial design companies through analysing regulatory reporting for a major Swedish bank and testing a ticketing system for a ferry company, to being in charge of $200Bn nightly processing for the world’s biggest bank.

David voted for Scottish independence in 2014 and for the UK to leave the European Union in 2016, and sees no inherent contradiction in these votes. He joined the SNP in 1976 and voted for them in every election since, until the 2019 General Election when he voted, but spoiled his paper.

Sick of being told how to live his life by people who plainly had no idea how to live their own and appeared to be enjoying bossing others around far too much, he became a supporter of ReformUK Scotland in late 2020 and was adopted as a PPC in January 2021. His hope is to bring a commercial urge for fast results, combined with an engineering regard for rigour and a small-business necessity for economy to the business of government. He is especially eager to reform the creation of statutes so that they are at least intelligible by non-lawyers.

Sandra Skinner Highland Region Candidate

Sandra Skinner

Highland Region

Amidst claims of malicious prosecutions; abuse of state power; misuse of public funds; corruption at the heart of government and a parliament so broken it doesn’t even know when it is being lied to, we have school failings push Scottish public service ratings to a ten-year low and our economy contract by -19.4%.

Surely time for Reform!

A family oriented, highly motivated individual from Easter Ross with a strong positive outlook for a post-lockdown Scotland.

Brought up in North Lanarkshire I left school with no qualifications to work in a variety of jobs before returning to full-time education as a mature student. Obtaining my university entry qualifications at college I went on to graduate with a BEng Civil Engineering from Glasgow University in 1989.

Moving north to join Highlands Fabricators, I met my future husband Hugh before travelling to Indonesia for a two-year secondment. Marrying in 1996 we went on to have two daughters who spent their formative years in the Highlands.

Following the closure of Nigg Yard we relocated to Dunblane, at home with my young children I successfully completed an LLM in Construction Law at Strathclyde University before spending time in claims consulting.
Returning to the Oil & Gas industry we spent a year in Aberdeen before work took us back overseas. Successfully delivering across various roles within this male-dominated industry in some challenging environments, this period provided invaluable professional, personal and cultural experiences.

Since returning home I have been an active community volunteer, participated in various community groups and supported local salmon fishermen following the Scottish Government’s ban on the centuries-old tradition of coastal salmon-netting.

During my twenty plus years in the heavy fabrication industry it saddened me to see politicians across all parties preside over Scotland’s industrial demise. My passion to reverse this motivated me to stand in the 2015 GE; 2017 Council Elections; 2019 GE and again in this up-coming Scottish Election, it was also a driving force behind my decision to campaign to leave the European Union.

Our SG has long championed renewables, indeed former FM Alex Salmond once claimed Scotland had the potential to be the "Saudi Arabia of renewables". A decade ago SNP promised to deliver a renewable ‘jobs bonanza’ with Mr Swinney promising 28,000 jobs, yet in Feb 2020 it was reported only 6% of these jobs had been delivered, the vast majority having gone overseas. From the many communications I penned to newspapers, politicians and enterprise groups, the response has been either a) political speak excusing ‘no change’, or b) details of plans to reverse the decline, likely developed by persons with business know-how, however clearly not within heavy industry!
The negative economic, social and health consequences of extensive lockdown restrictions will be long-lasting, with revenue shortfalls from failing businesses and rising unemployment adversely affecting public services across the country. Scotland’s politicians and political parties have failed us, more than ever we need political change, new blood to drive much-needed innovative policies to deliver.

Whether developing a Space Hub or Windfarm Projects; decommissioning Scotland’s Oil & Gas Platforms or building MOD vessels, the political enthusiasm to ensure a level of ‘in-country’ procurement to provide the skilled local jobs necessary to deliver that much promised Second Industrial Revolution is essential.

Free of EU State Aid and Procurement Regulations offers an ideal opportunity to deliver Scotland’s much needed Reform.

If elected to the Scottish Parliament, I promise to work tirelessly towards:

  • pursuing a safe and timely exit from lockdown to minimise it’s economic, social and health impacts;
  • supporting hard hit businesses towards a full post-Covid recovery to safeguard jobs;
  • ensuring local jobs for local communities from Scotland’s renewable and decommissioning contracts;
  • reversing the centralised control of Health & Public Services while increasing council budgets to improve local spend & decision making powers;
  • improving Highland connectivity & infrastructure: broadband, roads and public transport;
  • increasing investment in hospitality & tourism across the Highlands;
  • supporting Scotland’s farming & fishing through this Brexit transition and to realise the opportunities afforded from an expanded international market;     
  • facilitating the political change necessary to reverse Scotland’s economic decline and deliver improved healthcare; education; housing and public services for all.
Andy MacMillan Reform Scotland Glasgow Candidate

Andy MacMillan

Glasgow Region

“We are free people. You don’t lock up free people. We are not criminals or animals in a zoo. The established political parties have abused our trust. They are not our friends. They have to go. Vote for no more lockdowns. Vote Reform UK Scotland.”

Andy MacMillan was born in Glasgow, moving to London and Manchester as a child before returning to Glasgow to finish schooling. Andy left school at 16 to start an engineering apprenticeship at the British Leyland Albion Works. He later went on to study, as a 22 year old mature student, Politics & Economic History at the University of York. After graduation Andy returned to Glasgow where he has lived ever since. He started his own business over 20 years ago, which has been successful enough over the years to support both his family and himself. 

Andy MacMillan and his family are regular everyday people, who have the same hopes, dreams, worries and problems as most other folk. His entire family has been educated in the state school system and like so many they rely upon the NHS for their health care.

Andy MacMillan has a long track record of speaking out against injustices and standing up for what’s right.

“The past is in the past and the future is yet to come. Today the SNP totally control almost every aspect of life in Scotland. We have lost our country. The future the SNP offer to the people of Scotland, is a bleak and depressing one, built on grievance, bitterness, division, small minded nationalism, constantly playing the victim, glass always half empty and wallowing self pity. The SNP want to be friends and partners with every nation, everyone and anyone will do, just as long as it’s not our nearest neighbours.
The SNP have built a wall between us and the people of Scotland. It’s a wall built with no foundations and made out of shoddy lies and deceptions. Nevertheless, we cannot afford to wait for the wall to fall down, or allow the SNP the slightest opportunity to shore it up.
Together, we will demolish the Nationalist’s wall, brick by rotten brick. Together, we will fight to take our country back, door by door and street by street.”

“Glasgow is a great city, with great people, but it has sadly lost its way. We have many problems that are being exploited and aggravated by the current SNP regime, who are more than happy to pit fellow glaswegian against fellow glaswegian, all in order, to stoke the divisions that will help to feather their own nests. They are an absolute disgrace”
“Glasgow urgently requires politicians that will fight for our city and its people. Representatives who will no longer tolerate blatant corruption, or the rule of law being applied in an indiscriminate fashion.
However, we must recognise that our city has deep rooted problems such as slum housing, filthy litter strewn streets, unemployment, under employment, low wages, chronic substance abuse, a rapidly increasing rat population and a leadership class that is happy to virtue signal whilst the ship slowly but surely sinks.
Glasgow with all its problems, is still a great city with fantastic potential. Vote Reform on May 6th and we can make a start to realise that potential.”

If elected, Andy MacMillan will be a strong voice for the people of both Glasgow and Scotland. He believes that the lockdown is morally wrong and that we should have protected the vulnerable and let everyone else get on with their lives in a normal fashion.

Alan Melville Reform Scotland Candidate

Alan G Melville

Lothian Region

Alan holds Masters’ degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and has taught in both schools and universities. A committed libertarian, he considers lockdowns economically illiterate and socially devastating. He joined UKIP after seeing footage of Mr Farage being mobbed on the Royal Mile, and has been seeking a political home since the Brexit vote.

Alan is 58 and currently works in financial services, since 2014.

Alan spent 11 years in South Africa returning to the UK in 1993, and attended Napier University from 1996, graduating in Software Engineering in 2000. Following a brief period as student association president, Alan took a position lecturing in computing in Pakistan in 2001 only for 9/11 to interfere and he returned on FCO advice in 2002.

He attempted to fund his own Computer Science PhD (at Kent) in 2002-3 but financial pressures caused him to give it up in favour of teacher training in 2004. The teaching bureaucracy caused him to return to University (York this time) in 2005-6, for an MSc in Mathematics. He would not recommend doing this without a mathematics or physics degree and still considers stochastics as definitely his worst ever subject.

Alan went back to Napier in 2007, but after a bright start a bout of depression from 2009-10 caused him to write up as an MPhil rather than the originally intended PhD, finally completing his thesis on the use of graphs in information visualisation in 2014, and moving into the world of financial services where he currently works.
Alan’s MSc dissertation on Non-linear Time Series Analysis has caused him to be extremely cynical on the (much missed) apocalyptic projections of so-called global warming, and the following decade and a half have not given him any cause to alter that view. His subsequent modeling of graph visualizations has only reinforced his position – modeling is only as good as the modelers and their assumptions.

While he has joined and left and re-joined the Tories on a few occasions, ultimately Alan’s position is that they have drifted too far into trying to appease the Guardian and its broadcasting arm the BBC to remain truly conservative. The Grauniad will always hate the Tories no matter what they do but their leadership has neither the courage to admit that to themselves nor the spine to stand up for the small-c conservative majority of the UK population. Reform is the obvious alternative, committed to ending the lunacy of lockdown and restoring the constitution to the status quo ante, while rolling back the overpowering unaccountability of the State and its apparatchiks. He is hopeful that the electorate will agree.

Arthur Leslie Durance Reform Scotland Candidate

Arthur Leslie Durance

Highland Region

Reform Party! New yes, a new broom to sweep clean the outdated Policies of past and present administrations .32 Local authorities £15 billion of Debt. Highland council debt £1.4 billion and increasing Scotland with a financial deficit of over 7.4% the worst in Europe. The bell has tolled for the last time ( Vote Reform! change for Good).

John McCallum, Reform Scotland Party

John McCallum

West Scotland Region

I want to encourage businesses and individuals to invent/modify/enhance their ideas into working concepts that employ Scottish workers and enhance the technological ceiling in Scotland. This should give Scottish jobs to Scottish workers and to grow into overseas markets for the benefit of Scotland in the view of the world as a place to invest.

Born Irvine Central Hospital 14th Jan 1956.

Early schooling at Winton Primary school, Ardrossan.

Lived in Ardrossan for the first 6 years of my life.

Educated in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear ending up taking 11+ exam to gain entry into Grammar School.

At 16 left school to start indentured apprenticeship working for a marine engineering business in Newcastle.
After the closure of the yards during the late 70s, started using my skills to support family by travelling the UK to take up contract work.

Early 80’s moved into contract working in Holland, Belgium, France etc.

Throughout this period I worked with Scots, Geordies, Mancunians, Scousers and Cumbrians on many projects in shipbuilding, metal works for Shell, many refineries and rig refurbishment projects mainly in Holland so learned Dutch, moved from foreman to area coordinator to client facing roles in projects and site management.

Developing on from this I ended up, along with many good British workers in the Middle East and eventually the Far East where I grew into posts of Project Manager and Business development.

Ending up these last years in Kurdistan, Philippines and Indonesia occasionally meeting up with other apprenticed trained British, Australian, New Zealand and American workers who had followed similar paths from apprenticeships.
Returned to Scotland throughout this time to bring my children to enjoy the Scottish landscape and beaches (when not raining) and to see family.

Living now on the West Coast as my last project was completed March 2019 in the Philippines. I am so worried that many jobs and employers have been adversely affected by the policies of the present government and Covid. We need to get back to a strong productive Scotland and lift people out of day to day contracts and into long term work which will help reduce poverty line wages.

A PPC for ReformUK Scotland, I can bring to bear my understanding of working in multicultural environments and working through differences in outcomes to bring about a ‘one view’ goal to be achieved and within budget.

I want to encourage businesses and individuals to invent/modify/enhance their ideas into working concepts that employ Scottish workers and enhance the technological ceiling in Scotland. This should give Scottish jobs to Scottish workers and to grow into overseas markets for the benefit of Scotland in the view of the world as a place to invest.

Kenneth Morton, ReformUK Party Scotland

Kenneth Morton

Mid Scotland and Fife Region

Standing to oppose the UK Governments and Scottish Governments failed lockdown strategy, to oppose the Scottish Governments attempts to re-join a broken EU which is not fit for purpose, to oppose the over politisation of schools, politics and people lives.

Kenneth is a rural surveyor and agricultural valuer who has worked both in private practice and for some of Scotland’s largest organisations and landowners. Having grown up and been schooled at Cumnock Academy in Ayrshire and thereafter gone to Aberdeen University, Kenneth’s first job was in in Lancashire assisting in the management of estates where he stayed for 6 years, relocating back to Ayrshire in 2005 and then Stirlingshire, having spells with Forestry & Land Scotland and the National Trust for Scotland, before latterly moving to Perthshire and most recently working for SSE.

Kenneth has always had a libertarian bent, understanding that government should be as small as possible and should not unnecessarily intrude on people’s lives, the current example of the lockdown being a transgression too far, where Governments have sought to impose across the board solutions to the benefit of one small section of society but resulting in other areas of society being substantially worse with people’s lives being destroyed or people dying through other causes due to imposing their will based on interpretations of a limited pool of scientists with inaccurate models and failing to understand the underlying issues and therefore the appropriate measures to take to minimise the impact of COVID19 for society as a whole. Kenneth currently lives in the Carse of Gowrie, overlooking the Tay with his wife of 10 years and pet springer spaniel and enjoys a number of hobbies including reading sci-fi and computers and outdoor pursuits such as fly fishing and walking.

Kenneth's Message:

Both the UK and Scottish Government have failed on their COVID19 strategies, failed to protect the vulnerable, failed to protect jobs, failed to protect the environment, failed to protect fisheries, failed to protect our heritage, failed to protect free speech, failed to protect right to protest, failed to protect our education, failed to protect family life and failed to protect our culture. I am standing to ensure that these failures do not happen again and will do everything in my power to reverse those failures which have gone before.