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Vicky McCann: Mid – Scotland and Fife PPC

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My name is Vicky McCann. I am a former lecturer and currently a business
woman. I am also the chairman of the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation and up until very recently, a competitive athlete.
I have to put hand on heart and say I had paid little attention to politics over the years, enjoying a busy and contented life. For me, politics was something that seemed to have little impact in my life.

Over the last year, the arrival of a worldwide pandemic and subsequently the restrictions thrust upon us, politics suddenly became something very relevant and brought it to the forefront of all our lives.

The frustration that came with opening my eyes to politics made me angry,
frustrated and I was fast becoming one of those people who moan about our current government decisions on a daily basis.

The lockdown and the illogical decisions regarding how it was being handled drove me to despair. I started writing to my local MP about the situation and to request the science being used to instruct policy, but to no avail. The only response I received was a standard letter. As a business owner, I feel myself and others deserved more than a standard corporate response.

As an SNP supporter, I expected more. I felt that they were destroying the
country mentally, physically and economically. A better balance could be
struck. I hoped that they would shine where The Westminster Conservatives failed, but no, they followed suit and seemed to enter a game of who could be most draconian. I felt helpless watching business’ close and my members, friends and family suffering.

I knew there was need for change. I looked at various political parties and the refreshing strength of The Reform party stood out. I immersed myself in
everything I could about Reform, their policies and what they stand for.

They possess what seems to be lacking in politics today – common sense. The Reform Partysupports small business, community, education and rebuilding the economy with fair and simple tax reforms.The fact that The Reform Party are also anti lockdown reinforced the need for change in today’s climate.

On balance, I knew that they would secure my vote.

When I read Michelle Ballantyne’s post suggesting standing up, being counted and campaign as a Reform candidate, I knew that I couldn’t just keep complaining without trying to make a difference.

I had never considered standing as a political candidate, but I felt that the
Reform Party was something worth standing for.
I am proud to stand for what I believe in. I believe in Reform.

Vicky McCann