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Wayne Darnell: Challenge the Consensus

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About this time last year, I, like the vast number of my fellow Britons, did the sensible grown-up thing and locked myself away for three weeks in order to help ‘flatten the curve,’ as the Government asked of the people.

This was thought to be the responsible thing to do. Then came the lockdown in order to ‘save the NHS’ and all that clapping, somewhat reminiscent of North Korea.

And then the Government gave itself new powers which allowed it to trample on our civil liberties, as civil liberty groups stayed ominously quiet.
Then came ‘Project Fear,’ courtesy of the Government’s Behavioural Psychology Unit which make up part of SAGE, which disseminated dodgy Covid death statistics – did an unfortunate die of Covid? Or did they get run over by a bus but had tested positive for Covid therefore count as a Covid death?

Then the censorship by the BBC, the mainstream media and social media platforms of any dissenting or sceptical opinions of the Government’s handling of the situation and the complete collapse of any meaningful opposition. Then the Government ‘gaslighting:’ masks, no masks, another lockdown, no more lockdowns, kids can go to school, no they can’t. The goalposts are constantly moving.

Heavy-handed policing revealed itself, except when it came to left wing or Marxist organisations such as Black Lives Matter where the police would stand back and watch our nation’s monuments

A vaccine and two (or is it three?) lockdowns later, we live in divided communities with record numbers of suicides and deteriorating mental health. The economy on the brink of collapse, small to medium businesses closing down while the large corporations make record profits. Millions of workers on furlough and many likely not to have a job to go back to. Record drug abuse, alcohol abuse, child abuse, domestic abuse, abuse in general…

Not to mention and never to be forgotten, the care homes scandal.
I could go on but you already know, almost everybody has been affected by the Government’s handling of the Covid crisis.

We find ourselves under medical marshall law ruled by an authoritarian government whose diktats are enforced by a heavy-handed police force.
Where will this end?

Reform UK Scotland is the only party in Scotland who are offering a plan which challenges the consensus of all the other main parties, and are looking for a safe and responsible way to end the lockdowns before further damage can be wrought on our people, our businesses and our

I am not a politician- I am a businessman, a father and a passionate advocate of our fundamental human rights. Politics in Scotland needs reform and I am proud to stand with Reform UK Scotland as
part of the movement to change it.

Wayne Darnell