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David Smith

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David Smith

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Who Am I?

I was born in the South Wales Valleys and came to live and settle in Dumbarton when I was 19.  I served in the Royal Navy Submarine Service for nearly 14 years and left in 2013 as a Chief Petty Officer within the Marine Engineering Branch.  Since leaving the Navy I have worked predominantly for defence contractors, but I have also completed work for rail contractors, the oil and gas industry and the civilian nuclear industry.  I am very passionate about supporting all our armed forces and our engineering industries.  As someone who was born in Wales and now lives in Scotland I am especially passionate about keeping our Union with the United Kingdom together.    

I have a large family.  I have a son who is disabled, and my partner and I are also Kinship  carers.  In supporting my son and our kinship cared for person I have had a lot of interaction with local Health and Social Care Services and sit on the Integrated Joint Health and Social Care Board for West Dunbartonshire as a volunteer to express the views of unpaid carers at board meetings.  All my children are in education, either at primary, secondary, a college and very shorty, university.    

As an engineer, a volunteer with the Health and Social Care Board and with a large family my opportunities for hobbies are very limited.  However, whenever there is an opportunity I occupy myself with DIY tasks and I always have a project or two that I’m working upon.  My weekends are generally spent either covered in sawdust or oil, at the top of a ladder or under the floor.  

Why am I standing as the Reform Perspective Parliamentary Candidate for West Dunbartonshire?

I stand firmly with Reforms commitment to Defence spending to ensure our national security and support all our service men and women especially when global tensions are as high as they currently are.  An urgent pay review is required to raise levels of basic pay across the board to boost recruitment and retention.  Providing incentives within the defence industry is vital to ensuring that we can continue to be an effective and well-respected force within NATO and across the world.  Supporting defence exports boosts our defence industries productivity and raises money for the exchequer and funds further defence development and innovation projects.  Finally, when our brave service men and women eventually leave and become veterans many are in need of properly funded support to settle into civilian life.     

I stand firmly with Reform’s commitment to the NHS and Social Care.  NHS and Social Care staff have suffered tremendously in recent years and deserve better.  By removing the basic rate of tax for three years to staff on the frontline we will reward those who have stayed within the service and encourage back those who have left.  The independent health sector is an area that can be used effectively to ease the current burden of NHS waiting times.  It is right to provide incentives for those who can afford to pay more to take advantage of the services offered independently which allows those who can’t to receive a quicker service within the NHS.  The country simply cannot and should not simply ignore independent health service providers or vilify them as the labour party have done where they can help.  All the bad press surrounding NHS pay discourages many potential medical students from taking up studies and therefore it is right that they are encouraged with a promise to write off student fees for all doctors, nurses and staff.

The cost of living has impacted every household in recent years and urgent action is required.  Increases in income tax and energy bills are crippling and I stand firmly with Reform’s policies that will provide the urgent relief so many of us are seeking.  The lowest paid in society keep finding themselves within a benefits trap and simply raising the threshold for paying income tax goes a long way to resolving the issue.  VAT on energy bills and excessive fuel duty rates have been the product of successive governments and harm families throughout the United Kingdom.  Removing VAT and reducing fuel duty will significantly help all families with the cost of living and make us far more resilient to global pressures that can impact upon energy prices.

All Reform’s Polices are fully costed and apply a common sense approach to provide the financial relief that so many of us are desperate for. 

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