Berwickshire Roxburgh and Selkirk Constituency

PPC – Carolyn Grant

Email:  [email protected]


Who am I?

I was born and raised in Glasgow and in 2005 came to work in the Borders on a 6 month contract in IT. I liked it so much I moved here permanently in 2010.

My background is in newspaper advertising and IT. I have worked in the Borders now for almost 20 years, latterly supporting schools IT in the area and concentrating on Galashiels primaries up till 2016. I am currently still working in IT for a local company.

I am living and working in the Borders as I love the people here. They are very friendly and community minded with good family values. I particularly enjoy local traditions, including the common ridings which are a great and unique feature of this beautiful area.

Why I am standing for Reform

I joined Reform as I felt none of the current parties were working in the interest of the public and were just coming up with the same old ideas and policies. Nor were they supporting traditional British and Scottish values. I was particularly annoyed at the neglect of the farming industry by successive governments. I feel it is so important that we produce our own food. Everyone needs to eat!!

What Reform can do for the Borders

Net Zero policies and too much red tape has damaged our farming industry. Reform wants farmers with farms under 500 Ha to be able to manage their own land the way they know best. We also want to encourage more young people into farming.

There is a severe lack of affordable housing for Borderers. Local housing associations are under increasing pressure from people looking for homes. I would like to help young people remain in the rural areas in which they grew up by encouraging them to take up a trade to help build and restore homes as well as build their own future and that of the Borders. Reform UK Scotland’s small business policies will encourage new entrepreneurs to help regenerate Border Businesses and generate more jobs.

The NHS is the biggest employer in the Borders but there is a severe shortage of medical staff. Reform will bring people back into NHS frontline medicine by putting them on zero basic rate tax for three years, and writing off their student loans after 10 years of NHS service or pro rata depending on length of service.

Berwickshire Roxburgh and Selkirk Constituency Map

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Berwickshire Roxburgh and Selkirk Constituency Information

Electorate: 74,518


  • Tweeddale East
  • Galashiels and District
  • Selkirkshire
  • Leaderdale and Melrose
  • Mid Berwickshire


  • East Berwickshire
  • Kelso and District
  • Jedburgh and District
  • Hawick and Denholm
  • Hawick and Hermitage