Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy Constituency

PPC – Sonia Davidson

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Who am I?

Well, I am an Army Brat.  You may think that sounds harsh but to other Forces Brats, it conveys an independence of thought, a determination to get ‘the job done’ and a firm sense of what is right and what is wrong, and as such being an Army Brat is matter of immense pride for me.  My father did his 2 years National Service… and just didn’t get round to leaving for an extra couple of decades.

I moved around a lot, different places, different schools, lots and lots of different people, all however united to serve something other than themselves.  Eventually we moved to Fife in Scotland.  And I was lucky enough to have come into the Scottish Education system when it was the best in the nation.

Again I was lucky enough to go to Kirkcaldy Tech – ok, I may remember the amazing pub crawls more than my course, but I have fantastic memories of my time in Kirkcaldy.

Since then, I’ve worked in the hospitality industry, the service industry, on the phone in a call centre, as a data analyst, had a family and I find myself to still have the old Army attitude, as when I see something that’s ‘wrong’ or not working, I want to do all I can to ‘fix’ it and make it work again.

If anyone doesn’t think our country needs ‘fixing’ then I’m happy for you and would like to live where you are.

For everyone else who sees what is happening to our country and wants ‘someone’ to sort it, then vote for Reform, vote for me, and we will fix it.  But we need you to vote for us, without that we don’t have even a chance of fixing our country.

Why am I standing as the Reform UK Scotland PPC for Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy

I am the person you passed on the street a while ago.  Busy going about my day just like you were; getting the messages, wondering if I should put the heating on when I get home.  Then I looked up… and saw what was going on around me; millions of pounds spent on housing men who have come to our country illegally, men who accost our women and young girls in the street, making our town centres areas you just don’t want to go in the evening.  Millions of pounds spent on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, jobs given on the basis of sex and ethnicity rather than on ability.  Anyone in the work environment knows at least one person who is a ‘Diversity hire’.  All this going on whilst our Veterans – men and women who have served the greater good, worked and risked their lives for our country and way of life are left homeless on the streets.  British citizens who have paid their taxes all their lives, out on the street with nothing, no help; all while our Government allows more and more illegal migrants into our country and places them in hotels, new housing schemes. I have the words for how this makes me feel, I’m just not allowed to put them here.   Our democracy is being eaten away; our children being indoctrinated rather than educated.  Teachers used to teach children ‘how to think’ not ‘what to think’.  Instead of ‘ticking boxes’ teachers should be free to get back to actual teaching.      

For all of the above, I realised that I had had enough, and rather than sit and watch our country deteriorate further, I resolved to do something about it, that’s why I’m standing, for the Scottish/British people and for Reform UK.


Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy Constituency Map

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Cowdenbeath and Kirkcaldy Constituency Information

Electorate: 70,191


  • Dunfermline North
  • Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay
  • Burntisland, Kinghorn and Western Kirkca
  • Kirkcaldy North
  • Kirkcaldy Central
  • Kirkcaldy East
  • Cowdenbeath