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Cameron Rose

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Having lived in Edinburgh South constituency for over 30 years, I know personally many residents as well as the local issues which affect us. My children were brought up and educated here.

Following service as a policeman I was elected as a councillor in this constituency where I served for 15 years. This election has reactivated me in politics – I have been attracted by the common sense policies of Reform UK. I was formerly a Conservative but our economy has been burdened by the highest taxation in a generation, over regulation, high energy prices and crippling restrictions on personal freedoms. Labour offers more of the same. And the Greens seem to have become anti-science denying the biological reality of male and female (and they are not the only ones to do so!)

The ‘cancel culture’ of recent years has had a chilling effect; sadly it has often been government and official bodies which have played fast and loose with truth in silencing views other than those they want to impose. I have experienced that in our local council in the attempts to silence whistle-blowers. I want to value and guarantee freedom of expression and individual liberty.

I believe there are many ways to reduce energy costs and so benefit families, the cost of living and the economy. The Government, supported by all other parties, has banned or discouraged the use of energy resources available to us. I have long argued against net zero which is ruinously expensive and lacks justifying evidence. It needs scrapped.

I believe we need lower taxation. Reform UK will raise the tax-free threshold for Income Tax to £20,000 to help the lower paid and motivate those on benefits to move into work. The taxation burden on us ordinary people has never been higher – and especially so in Scotland.

I believe in valuing each person whatever their circumstances. I find that much of the current emphasis on racism and equality actually divides rather than unites us in all our diversity. I want to support families – and whilst not everyone has the opportunity, a stable family provides the best environment for children, and indeed us all.

Oh, one more thing. In this uncertain world we have unwisely allowed our Armed Forces to fall to a dangerously low level. I passionately believe the Government’s first duty is to defend its people from foreign and domestic threats.

And so, on these and many other issues, I want to offer residents of Edinburgh South the pragmatic, common sense alternative which Reform UK provides. I have experience and local knowledge. Join me. Vote for sensible policies. Vote Reform UK.

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Electorate: 71,688


  • Colinton/Fairmilehead
  • Morningside
  • Southside/Newington
  • Liberton/Gilmerton