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Who Am I?

 My name is David McLennan and I was born in Edinburgh, 64 years ago. I am now semi-retired and live in West Calder, with my wife Fiona.

During the mid-70’s growing up, I first came across politics in the form of Union strikes causing power cuts, unburied bodies stacked in the streets and piles of rubbish everywhere. I remember vowing to myself never to engage actively in politics, as it appeared to be a no-win situation, always resolved through compromise.

I joined the Police in 1979 and grew up very quickly.  I walked the beat, saved a life, delivered a baby on a bus and guarded the Pope.  I left the Force in 1984 as Maggie Thatcher lit her rocket under the British economy and persuaded guys like me that we could make it as a self-employed entrepreneur. I fell into the arms of the property market and it’s been a long-lasting love affair since then.  I bought them, mortgaged them, managed them, sold them, built them, knocked them down and re-built them again, refurbished, renovated and rented them – and yet, here we are back in 1984 again, as Landlords are threatened with Rent officers, rent caps and huge slabs of legislation to “protect” tenants.  Plus ca meme, plus ca change?

Why am I standing as the Reform Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Livingston?

My attention was initially drawn to the Housing segment of the Reform Contract with the public. 

The concept of reverting to 2017 tax thresholds, which would incentivise landlords to invest in additional properties, contrasts with the current SNP/Green legislation, pushing us toward the abyss and compelling many to sell against their wishes.  I then read more of the Contract and was impressed by the amount of common sense proposals it promotes.  And so, I joined.

I hope you’ll have a look at the website, read the content and make up your own mind.  You’ll be warmly welcomed when you come to join us!


Livingston Constituency Map

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Livingston Constituency Information

Electorate: 74,224


  • Broxburn, Uphall and Winchburgh
  • Livingston North
  • Livingston South
  • East Livingston and East Calder
  • Fauldhouse and the Breich Valley